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Cotton canvas is standard canvas made by weaving cotton, as opposed to linen or hemp. It is a heavy duty fabric used for making tents, backpacks, bags and other items designed to withstand stresses and strains. Dying cotton canvas is a great way of customizing any number of items so it matches clothing, room decorate or a particular theme.


  1. Bleach the fabric first if dying it a lighter color in the same way as hair dye.
  2. A second dying session may be required to get the fabric a darker color.
  3. Increase the amount of dye in the water for richer, deeper colors and reduce for lighter, pastel shades.


plain weaving canvas dye

Special weaving / reactive dye 100% cotton/ width 57” Model Number: NC222 EXW Price: $4.00/yard…

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twill cotton duck canvas

better color fastness/3*3 big twill 100% cotton/ width 57” Model Number: NC219 EXW Price: $4.50/yard…

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