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Best 6 tent canvas fabric wholesale manufacturers

tent canvas fabric
  1. Reliance Canvas: They offer a wide range of canvas fabrics suitable for tents, awnings, and other outdoor applications. They provide customization options and have experience in supplying fabrics for various industries.
  2. Big Duck Canvas: This supplier specializes in heavyweight canvas fabrics, including those used for tents. They offer wholesale pricing and a variety of fabric weights and colors to choose from.
  3. Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics: They offer a selection of tent canvas fabrics suitable for outdoor and camping applications. They provide wholesale pricing and have a range of fabric options available.
  4. Miami Corp: This company supplies a variety of outdoor fabrics, including tent canvas fabrics. They offer wholesale pricing and have a network of distribution centers throughout the United States.
  5. Trelleborg Engineered Fabrics: They specialize in technical textiles, including tent fabrics. They provide durable and high-quality materials suitable for various tent applications.
  6. Rose Brand: Known for their theatrical fabrics, Rose Brand also offers canvas fabrics suitable for tents. They offer wholesale options and have a range of fabric weights and colors available.

Remember to reach out to these manufacturers directly to inquire about their wholesale pricing, minimum order quantities, customization options, and any other specific requirements you may have for your tent canvas fabric. Additionally, it’s a good idea to request fabric samples to assess the quality and suitability of the materials for your needs.

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